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Here they are! The Mystery Teens! Solving crimes, running spooky errands, and diving deep into the most Mysterious of Unknowns where other, less Mysterious teenagers DARE not venture!  Bust out those magnifying glasses and bell-bottom jeans, because tonight's adventure calls for sharp minds, brave souls, and powerful friendship!

Q: How do I control this game?

Arrows: Movement
Z: Inspect / Advance Text
X: Cancel / Auto-advance Text
C: Meow
Shift: Sprint
F / F1: Toggle Resolution

Q: Who are the Mystery Teens? I've never heard of them and I'm really confused??

Everybody ADORES the Mystery Teens! They're a ragtag group of TEENAGE BEST FRIENDS and they are not in the least bit afraid of ghosts (with the exception of Larry who is remarkably afraid of ghosts)! That's why they take it upon themselves to investigate the creepiest of Paranormal Phenomena, venturing into the darkness with their powers of Friendship and Science. Traveling around in the Mystery Mover with their faithful Kitty Cat, there is no challenge too great for these kids!

Eyes up, Mystery-seekers! It's time for a Mystery Teen role call:

"Duke Douglas here! As always, I am proud to lead the gang on this most Daring and Unusual mission! Tonight, we are searching the home of a deceased painter, Oscar O. Orwell, in search of his final work. Jeffrey from Science Class says the old Manor is full of Terrible Specters and Souls of the Undead, but that's why he's not a Mystery Teen. There is a perfectly rational explanation for everything, as we all know!"
"Hello, everyone! Thank you SO MUCH for your interest in what we do, I'm so Surprised and Delighted to hear that we're Inspiring folks across the entire world with our adventures! My name is Sunbeam Song, which, let's be honest, is sort of a bizarre hippy name, so my friends usually prefer to call me Sunny, Sun, or The Bunny Girl! Despite Duke's stubbornness, I believe in my heart of hearts that there are Mysterious Workings in this world beyond our current understanding. If you stop listen very carefully, you can feel their presence, watching over you and Loving you in everything you do. One day I hope to meet my Guardian Spirits, and when I do, I sure hope they'll be proud of all we've accomplished!"

"The name's Mugsy Malone. If I ever sees a ghost I'm gonna punch dat thing in da face."
"I don't know what to say here! Who is reading this? Do we really have THAT many fans?? YIPES!! Okay, fine, I'll do it! I'm Larold. Larold Leremy. You may hear people at school talking about Larold "The Loser" Leremy, but I'm TELLING you, they're talking about a DIFFERENT Larold Leremy!!! Jeez! So my friends are really into Spooky Stuff and we go on a lot of... G-g-g-ghost hunts... I think this lifestyle is bad for my health, but they're the only friends I've got, so I guess I'm out of luck... SIGH... To make matters worse, they ALWAYS insist on bringing along this stray cat, which flares up my allergies like you wouldn't believe. If you want to be my friend and DON'T routinely visit the most terrifying places on earth, please don't hesitate to reach out and save me from this Hell!!"
"As the heir to the greatest Croquet Empire in the history of the world, I carry a tremendous amount of responsibility. Between business meetings, studying, and socializing with Very Fancy People, I can afford very little free time for frivolous affairs. That's why you should be thankful that I, Valerie Violet, elect to sacrifice what LITTLE free time I have accompanying my friends on these ridiculous adventures. They'd be lost without my guidance, after all! Of course, I don't have TIME to believe in ghosts, spirits, faeries, or any other sort of "Supernatural Phenomena" as Duke so succinctly packages them. And if I DID witness any terrifying magical workings that defy any and all rational explanation? Would I be afraid? Ha! As if! I am a proud Violet, and a Violet woman has no time to be afraid!"


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Mystery Teens v1.3 (Windows) 28 MB
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Original Soundtrack 8 MB
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I really loved this game! I felt compelled to leave a message about how charming the MT are and how much I was smiling while playing. 


Love the game so far!! But I wanted to say I found a bug: if you talk to the ghost in the kitchen while standing in a certain spot you get trapped behind the fridge! Luckily it's not too far into the game so I was able to start over with barely any time wasted, but I wanted to make sure you knew so you could possibly fix it!

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Planning to update the game with some minor fixes within the next couple of days. Thanks for letting me know!


Loved this so much, super charming!